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What is going on in here?!?
~ Ms. Stout
What, no. Why, I love these... RATS!!!
~ Ms. Stout accidently revealing her true nature towards the social worker.
Ms. Stout is the main antagonist in the spin off of the Buddies, The Search for Santa Paws. She is the no-nonsense headmistress of the girls home who finds Christmas, toys and anything that children love irritating.

In the film, she "welcomed" Quinn and had Will show her around while explaining all of her rules. She scolds at Santa for bumping into her in the streets. At the orphanage, she came into the girls room and wondered what she couldn't see; it was a girl's toy. She snatches it, made her cry easily, and threw it into the incinerator, where she burns both toys and garbage. 

The next day, after getting her hair done, she catches Quinn and Will outside the building. She makes Will stay the night there, because she was the oldest and Ms. Stout gave Quinn a harsh warning about breaking her rules. Later at night, while she was asleep, snoring with a face mask and a box of chocolates, the girls were singing with Santa Paws. Immediately after the song, Ms. Stout catches them wearing dresses, having a dog in the room, and the room being decorated with christmas stuff. Quinn tells her that it was all her fault, but Ms. Stout assumed that it was Will's anyway and forces her and Paws to stay in the basement and the girls to clean everything else up.

The next morning, after Santa Paws turned back into a toy, Ms. Stout assumed that Will let Paws escape. She snatches Santa Paws (as a toy) and Quinn's late mom's christmas decoration and throws them in the incinerator.

She is later fired from her job for leaving the girls alone without supervision. After being evicted, she fell down a few steps alongside with the dogcatcher.

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