Ms. Shitataare

Ms. Shitataare

Ms. Shitataare is the fourth element from the Dark Fall, who controls water and guards the Fountain of Water. She is a boastful, young woman who wears ancient Chinese clothing. She is tan with blue eyes and silver hair. She refers to Goyan as "Go-chan", which often annoys him. She also has a high pitched laugh, compared to other villains. She destroyed the Fountain of Sky and use the water for her own proposes.


Ms. Shitataare first appears after Saki Hyuuga and Mai Mishou revive the Fountain of Sky. She's very strong, comparable with the others. Throughout all their encounters, Saki mostly gets her name wrong, angering her. Most of her schemes to get Pretty Cure involve her element of water, that she can manipulate to turn into ice or gas. She also likes to wear disguises and many times she captures Foop and Moop .


  • Ms. Shitataare is permanently revived in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2.