Ms. Rubella Mucus

Ms. Rubella Mucus is the recurring villain from the Cartoon Network series Camp Lazlo. She is voiced by Jillian Talley, who is also voicing Gretchen (Camp Lazlo) and Karen from Spongebob Squarepants series.

Ms. Mucus is a warthog who serves as the scoutmaster's assistant and mascot of Acorn Flats. As the opposite of Scoutmaster Jane Doe, Ms. Mucus is rarely seen happy. She bears a hatred of Bean Scouts, finding them bitter, dim, and crude (the same description has been said by Edward Platypus). She is usually seen spying on the camps from her watch tower, with a regular gag involving her throwing watermelons at Lumpus, Slinkman, or any Bean Scout who tries to enter Acorn Flats. She has once planned to have the Camp Kidney shut down by bringing the Bean Scouts to a carnival, leading them to be too tired or sick to pass an upcoming fitness exam. However Lazlo, Raj, and Clam (the only Bean Scouts who didn't get sick) inadvertently made everyone pass the fitness exam and saved Camp Kidney. She also confiscates toys and collects them in her trailer. She may be the reason of the rivalry between the Squirrel Scouts and Bean Scouts, an example could be when she once told them that boys are from Mars. She has been seen playing an organ in the Bean Scout theatre at the wedding of Scoutmaster Lumpus and Jane Doe, which is ironic considering her hatred of Bean Scouts.

Her character may be based off of a prison guard or soldier, as she is typically seen guarding Acorn Flats and is noted to have a tough-person attitude. She may also be based off of the stereotypical Redneck woman, being large, angry, and talking with a Southern accent.