"Green Fingers" Ma Mahaffy, also known as Mrs Mahaffy, was a notorious Bio-Criminal and a minor villain in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. She was the main antagonist in prog 18.


During Judge Dredd's birthday, his landlady Maria brought him a Brainbloom, (which are plants that were bio-organic grafting which can be grown like plants and can be taught to sing, but due to it becoming dangerously addicting it was outlawed) unaware that they were illegal. After Dredd let's her off with a warning, he starts to investigate the location of the person growing the plants until the Justice Department informs him the possible location of the Brainblooms, Mrs Mahaffy, who was a hundred years old and was an infamous Bio-Criminal. After Dredd arrives at the location, she manipulated him into letting have a last song from them and used them to hypnotise Dredd into saying it's clean and then to commit suicide. After Dredd survives the crash, he realises that he was hypnotised and sends a riot squad to that location. Dredd and the squad arrives and manages to use the riot foam to muffle the sound and then Dredd arrests Mrs Mahaffy, stating "If you had any brains, Ma, You'd know by now that crime doesn't pay. But I guess you'll never learn - If you live to be two hundred!"