Mrs. Sturmfuller

Mrs. Sturmfuller was a villainess in Stephen King's Silver Bullet.

She was played by Rebecca Fleming.

She was one of many people who were out looking for whatever killed Brady Kincaid, unaware that it was a werewolf. Mrs. Sturmfuller (along with her husband, Milt, and the rest of the search party) was brutally killed by the werewolf. Later in the film, Mrs. Sturmfuller is shown in Reverend Lester Lowe's nightmare, along with the rest of the victims. They were all in attendance at a funeral service performed by Lowe.

During the service, Mrs. Sturmfuller turned heel and began snarling and glaring evilly at Lowe. Later on, the evil Mrs. Sturmfuller turned into a werewolf, as did the rest of the attending members, and went after Lowe, who wakes up from his nightmare.