He was brought back from the dead to be a slave to revenge, avenging a grudge that would never be resolved.
~ Mrs. Robinson describing himself

Mrs. Robinson is a minor antagonist in the seventh part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run. He (yes, a he) is a Mexican born participant in the Steel Ball Run race.


Pre-Steel Ball Run

Not much was revealed about Mrs. Robinson's life before entering the Steel Ball Run race, but he does reveal a little bit of his past. He was born in a small Mexican village and at some point in his life there he lost a duel that resulted in him being tied to a cactus, so he could suffer a long and painful death. However, Mrs. Robinson miraculously survives his death sentence, which according him was a curse that brought him back from the dead, and returns to his village, sworn to vengeance. Finding it near impossible to live among other people, he secluded himself in his own home and began raising insects inside his own body. At some point in the future, Mrs. Robinson learns about the Steel Ball Run race and enters in.

Steel Ball Run

Mrs. Robinson isn't shown during the first stage of the Steel Ball Run race, but his name is listed on the first stage results board as coming in 18th place with his horse El Condor Pasa. It is not until early into the second stage of the race that Mrs. Robinson is shown. He is first seen chasing after Gyro Zeppeli and Johnny Joestar into the Arizona Desert attacking them with insects, whose hive is located in Mrs. Robinson's left eye socket. His method of attacking involves having his insects fly near cholla, a type of cactus that shoots its needles when something draws near it, and having it shoot its needles into Johnny and Gyro. The encounter is short lived, however, as Gyro quickly outsmarts him and has a bunch of cholla fire their needles into Mrs. Robinson, incapacitating him and knocking him out of the race.

Mrs Robinson Hive

The hive of insects in Mrs. Robinson's eye

Powers & Abilities

Due to how short is appearance in Steel Ball Run is, the true nature of Mrs. Robinson's powers aren't revealed. What can be told about his powers is merely he has a hive of insects lodged inside his left eye socket and can call upon them to do his biding whenever he pleases.

It should also be noted that Mrs. Robinson is able to complete this feat without the aid of a stand.

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