I thought I heard a negroid!
~ Mrs. Kline

Mrs. Kline is Peter Sanderson's nosy but bigoted neighbor who lives across the street from his house, and a minor villainess in the 2003 comedy movie Bringing Down the House. She is also the sister of Mr. Sanderson's employer at the law firm where he worked.

She was portrayed by veteran actress Betty White.

Mrs. Kline loves gardening. She also tends to be a bit nosey sometimes, mostly towards people of different ethnic and national backgrounds whom she talks smack about.



  • In the deleted scene, as Peter hides Charlene back into his house and away from Mrs. Kline, Charlene asked "Why the hell I gotta hide from Mrs. Klan?". He explained that she was related to his boss and Charlene says "That's gotta be one of the biggest, expensive a$$-kissin' moves ever." as if she is comically disappointed in him.