Mrs. Wicket

Mrs. Julia Wicket acts as the landlady of Mr. Bean and the main antagonist of most episodes of the animated version of the popular British comedy series known as Mr. Bean - she may well be the closest thing Mr. Bean has to an adversary in the show but is not a completely evil character, deep inside.

However Mrs. Wicket is undeniably hostile and cruel, especially towards Bean - who she seems to have a deep loathing for, her cat (named Scrapper) is also an antagonistic creature yet is loved by his owner and this in turn causes more friction between the two.

A stereotypically bad-tempered old woman Mrs. Wicket is also the owner of a frightening evil laugh which she puts to use whenever she sees Mr. Bean in some kind of misfortune - as mentioned above she does have moments of kindness and/or indifference towards Bean, but these are shown as rare at best and normally she delights in making him as miserable as possible.

Part of her hatred for Bean is explained in an episode where it was revealed she was once married for literally ten minutes before her husband abandoned her at the alter - she has apparently blamed Mr. Bean for this incident ever since.