Mrs. Garcia woged

Mrs. Garcia woged

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Mrs. Garcia

Mrs. Garcia was an El Cucuy that appeared in the episode of season three of Grimm "El Cucuy." Like her species traditionally where, she acted as a vigilante and was killing criminals. She was summoned to Portland by hearing the cries of a mother of a man who was beaten to near death in a robbery. As was her kind way, she carried on murdering the criminals in the area, such as murders, thieves and rapists. Mopping the streets and making them safe again.

Nick and Hank arrested her, but because nobody would believe and old lady could commit those brutal murders they were forced to let her go. The episode ends with another crook stealing her bag, and she smiling as she transformed, planning to murder him next.
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Mrs. Garcia woged committing murder

185px-305-Mrs. Garcia ear and eyes woged

Eyes and ears only woged