Petites Filles Modeles Chapter IX Fichini

Fedora Fichini is the main antagonist of the novel and animated TV show Les Petite filles Modèle of Countess  De ségur.

She's the second wife of Sophie's late father, contraries of Sophie's late mother who was beautiful and sweet, Fedora Fichini is ugly and cruel. Because she's punish Sophie by beating her, and humiliated her front of everyone, she also doesn't like when Sophie was played with Jim a young slave son from the plantation. After the death of Sophie's father she decide to returning in France with her, but she doesn't seems happy to see Sophie happiness, because she's always slapped her and mistreated her.

She believe her punishment is always good when is not, and do not want someone to tell her what to do, Mrs, De Fleurville and Mrs. De Rosebourg don't like her, because the sees Mrs. Fichini is not the kind of mother a child want, and tries to save Sophie from this horrible woman. When fedora finally said she will go to Italy , Mrs. de Fleurville tell her to let Sophie to her so she can play with Marguerite Camille and madeleine, when Sophie was playing outside with the other she call her because she had believe Sophie steal her syrup drink. Sophie tries to convince that she's innocent, but she's doesn't believe and go beated her in bathroom and scream has everyone stay in the earing the cries and see Sophie been push out the bathroom front of her friends shocked by how Sophie was falsely accuse.

So, when she leave for Italy, she marry an Italian man a count, with who she has a daughter , but when she return to France she was sick, and wanted to see Sophie to forgive her to not be the mother Sophie wanted. When Sophie go to see her she was again scare of her, but she's begging her for forgiveness for her bad action and that exactly what Sophie does in the book and the serie, after she's finally forgiven Mrs. Fichini died in peace and Sophie leave the room in tears.