"Hoje a noite, vocês vão dizer adeus... ao Jambalaya!"
~ Mrs. Elvanecir

Mrs. Elvanecir is the antagonist of the final four episodes of the Brazillian sitcom "Toma Lá, Dá Cá". She is the leader of the Nova Jambalaya slum community, a stout, but fierce woman with a vast weaponry to her disposal. She was played by Guida Vianna.


Third season

Throughout the show's final season, a slum community starts to occupy the Jambalaya Ocean Drive condominium little by little, taking over the open-air brothel known as the shrubs and the condo's water park. In the final four episodes, (a massive "destruction" of the fourth wall), after the superintendent Dona Álvara ignores the slum's requests of food and shelter, Elvanecir organizes a massive revolution to depose Álvara and invade the condo. After the protagonists are trapped in Celinha's bathroom, Elvanecir enters the room anda starts to call her troops to rob the whole place. However, Mário Jorge and the other characters reveal Álvara's apartment for them to steal her stuff, and they leave in a rush to loot the place, which destroys Álvara's remaining moral. However, even though they defeat the tyrannical superintendent, the slum takes all of their belongings away with little effort. Later, Elvanecir tells the group that her "comrades" will organize a meeting to determine their fates, just as a police chopper arrives to fight back the revolutionaries, only to be blown by the slum's Israeli weaponry and fall into the water park, destroying it. In the final episode, the slum completely takes over the condo and Elvanecir reveals that they can't be saved anymore. Desperate, they force Mário Jorge to write a happy ending to their story, and he makes Álvara's husband, Seu Ladir, rescue them on a flying saucer that escapes the completely dominated Jambalaya towards outer space.


Elvanecir is a rigid, tactical woman who only seeks to be in control of the Jambalaya and confiscate every resident's belonging to serve "the people". Her tendencies are, at first, only calculist and somewhat reasonable, but it becomes a greedy, cold and communist plot that grows and grows until it dominates everything.