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Mrs. Dubrow is the secondary antagonist of the film Dunston Checks In.

She is portrayed by Fay Dunaway.

Role in film

Mrs. Dubrow is first seen visiting the Majestic hotel of which she rules with an iron fist. It is very clear that everyone, staff and guests, are afraid of her. Dubrow's reasons for arriving unannounced is to inform Robert Grant, the hotel manager, that the Le Monde Traveller Organisation has sent an an anonymous spy to the hotel to see if it is worth of a rating upgrade, from 5 stars to 6. When Robert informed Dubrow that he would be unable to attend a photo shoot with her should the earn the extra star due to a planned vacation, Dubrow forces him to cancel it for the 3rd time to satisfy her publicity lust. She even subtly remarks that she will fire Robert if the hotel does not earn the 6th star and then forces Robert to fire a staff member who accidentally walked into her earlier (all though since she never remembers the names of the employees she forces Robert to fire, he simply gives said employees a weeks paid vacation on the condition they run from the hotel in tears to simulate being fired).

Close to the end of the film, when the orangutan named Dunston was revealed during the crystal ball (which Dubrow took credit for despite having not contributed even a little to the 24 hours that Robert had put into perfecting the event), Dubrow ordered him shot by a hired animal control professional. The attempts failed and the ball feel into chaos. Dubrow tried to take her anger out physically on Robert's youngest son (Kyle) until Dunston saved him by jumping into Dubrow's arms causing her to fall into an enourmos cake, much to her husband's amusement. Dubrow made one last attempt to shoot Dunston and possibly Kyle before Robert stopped her and threw a piece of cake into her face. This cost Robert his job, but he no longer cared. The chaos also cost the hotel the 6th star and 4 of its origionals, since the Le Monde spy had been injured, humiliated and inconvenienced since his arrival due to very unfortunate coincidences. Dubrow, ruined and disgraced, moved to Alaska.

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