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If I had a dick, this is where I'd tell you to suck it.
~ Mrs. Delores Bickerman's most famous line.
Thank you, Officer F**kmeat!
~ Mrs. Delores Bickerman learning she is under house arrest.

Mrs. Delores Bickerman is the main human antagonist of the 1999 horror comedy film, Lake Placid. She is an old woman who secretly takes care of the crocodiles of Black Lake, despite knowing that they ate some people (including her husband). She is a very quarrelsome, cantankerous, and argumentative old woman who is always ready with an insult or string of profanities.

She was portrayed by Betty White.


Early lifeEdit

Delores and her husband Bernie lived in a small farm near Black Lake for years. One day, while Bernie was fishing, he discovered a couple of young crocodiles in the lake who followed him at home. He decided with his wife to give them some food and they continued to feed them during several years, regarding them as their pets. When the two crocodiles grew bigger, they started to feed them with their cows. After a few years, the crocodiles devoured Bernie but Delores didn't report this event in order to protect them.

Lake PlacidEdit

Two years after Bernie's death, one of the crocodiles devours someone else and a team comes to the lake to investigate. The team members interrogate Delores about the crocodile but she lies to them. However, they later see her feeding the Female Crocodile, therefore they obliged her to tell them the truth and she reveals everything, though she hides the fact that there are two crocodiles. The team places her under house arrest for having lied and requisitions one of her cows in order to set a trap for the crocodile. They manage to capture the Male Crocodile and to kill the Female, but afterwards Delores secretly continues to feed their many infants, Martha, Max, George Jr., and Gracie.

Lake Placid 2Edit

Several years later, the four crocodiles become adults and finally they kill Delores, but her sister, Sadie, then inherits her house and also decides to take care of them (but later in the film, Sadie suffers the same fate as her sister).



  • Unlike the baby Crocodiles of Lake Placid 2, the Crocs of the first film showed no signs or intentions of even harming Delores, this could mean that the Crocs were smart enough to know that she was a valuable source of food and therefore left her alone, this could mean that they cared a little bit about her.