You were keeping her sick.
~ Mr. Collins to his wife Mrs. Collins.

Mrs. Collins is the main antagonist in the 1999 psychological horror film The Sixth Sense.

She was portrayed by actress Angelica Page.

She lived some miles outside of Philadelphia, was married to Mr. Collins, and had two daughters with him, the oldest of which was named Kyra. For about two years before the events of the film, Mrs. Collins began making her daughter Kyra sick. She presumably suffered from Munchausen's Syndrome, which caused her to get her children sick in order to get attention for herself. It is unknown what exactly caused her to tick and begin poisoning her daughters, or even if she made Kyra sick in the first place. Some time before the events of the film, Kyra used a video camera to film a dollhouse set she had before her mother came in to give her lunch; the camera caught Mrs. Collins mixing Kyra's soup with Pine Sol, a disinfecting agent, before Kyra ate. Kyra eventually succumbed to the illness her mother caused her to have, and soon after she died, her ghost began haunting a young Philadelphia boy named Cole Sear.

Sear, with the help of his psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe, went to the town where Kyra lived and died . During the funeral at the Collins house, it was mentioned that Kyra's younger sister was beginning to get sick. Kyra's ghost gave Cole a wooden box, which he gave to the grieving Mr. Collins. Mr. Collins opened the box which contained the video tape that caught his wife poisoning their daughter. Mr. Collins confronted his wife shortly after he and several others at the funeral watched the tape.

It is presumed that Mrs. Collins was sent to either prison or a mental home, was divorced from her husband, and their younger daughter got over her illness.