Mrs. Beech was the widow of an unnamed man, the mother of Willaim "Willie" Beech and Trudy and the main antagonist of the book Goodnight Mister Tom and it's 1998 film adaptation.

She and Willie were abused by her husband until his death after chocking on his own vomit. Mrs. Beech was deeply religious but was also mentally ill and would act abusive towards Willie, leaving bruises on him.

In 1939, World War II started and Willie was evacuated to the countryside and Mrs. Beech had given him a bag of clothes and a belt to be used on him if he misbehaved. However Tom, the man who was caring for Willie disposed off the belt.

Shortly after Willie's tenth birthday, Mrs. Beech asked for him to be returned to her, saying she was ill. However when Willie returned home, he saw that she was perfectly fine. Mrs. Beech revealed she had a "present from Jesus" which turned out to be a baby girl (which Willie later learned that she had sex with another man, despite believing sex to be dirty). Willie shows his mother the presents he was given and talks about his friend Zach, a young Jewish boy he had befriend whilst evacuated. However, Mrs. Beech accuses Willie of stealing the presents and for interacting with Jews, before locking both Willie and the baby in a cupboard.

Sometime after this, Mrs. Beech left her home and told neighbours that Willie had been evacuated again. But Tom, who had came to see Wille, found him locked in the cupboard cradling his now dead half sister, whom he called Trudy. After this, Willie is taken to hospital, but is taken away by Tom who heard that Willie would be put in a children's home since he has no other relatives.

After returning to live with Tom, Willie is told by the authorities that his mother had died (by suicide).