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Mrs. Baker was the physically and emotionally abusive mother of Doughboy and Ricky in the 1991 movie Boyz n the Hood.

She was played by Tyra Ferrell (who ironically is only 7 years older than Ice Cube, the one who played Doughboy).


Mrs. Baker had Ricky and Doughboy from 2 different fathers. And she often in the beginning says that Doughboy is like his father, worthless and a bum. All he does, she says, is, "eat, shit and sleep." When Doughboy gets locked up, she looks down on him in a nasty, unloving way. When he comes out, she kind of tames down a little. She asks Tre to be of some guidance to him. She even shows a sweet side to Doughboy in one scene when she doesn't hesitate to introduce him to Ricky's academic adviser, when he comes to talk to Ricky about a scholarship. However, when Ricky and Doughboy fight she slaps Doughboy, not Ricky, even though Doughboy started the fight. The end happens when Ricky gets shot, and she blames Doughboy for it, and she beats on him.