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Looks like we got to come up with... something else!
~ Mrs. Griffin plotting to kill Finny and Leah.
No offense mate, but you're a gorilla, things already got ugly.
~ Mr. Griffin insulting Mr. Gorilla.
(Mr. Griffin) What the heck was that? (Mrs. Griffin) How many times do I have to tell you, EAT SLOWLY!! (Mr. Griffin) Oh, but I was so hungry. (Mrs. Griffin) Great, they were the only food left!
~ The Griffins' argument after they lose Finny and Leah.

Mrs. and Mr. Griffin (also known as Griffins) are the two main antagonists of the 2015 computer-animated German film, All Creatures Big and Small (originally titled Oops! Noah is Gone... and titled Two by Two in the UK).

Mrs. Griffin is voiced by Aileen Mythen, who also played the Lion Captain's assistant named Flamingo, Margaret the Rhino, and Mrs. Gorilla; and Mr. Griffin is voiced by Dermot Magennis, who also played Dave the Nestrian and the Prairie dog that Mr. Griffin tries to eat.


They are evil, hungry, violent, and carnivorous bat-like creatures with Australian accents known as Griffins. The two Griffins constantly chase after Finny the Nestrian and Leah the Grymph and plan to eat them to survive during the great flood. They are also quite stupid, heartless, and manipulative, so they often accidentally injure themselves in their own attempts to eat the kids.


Mrs. Griffin

Mrs Griffin

Mrs. Griffin

She is a slender brown griffin with hazel eyes, a long neck, and a long tail. Her right ear and her left wing have multiple hole wounds through the thick skin. She is extremely abusive to her husband and often blames him for their failures, although she can be dumb, ignorant, and unknowledgeable as well sometimes.

Mr. Griffin

Mr Griffin

Mr. Griffin

He is an obese brown griffin with a brown right eye and a gray left eye. He is very clumsy and lazy, as he would rather let food come to him than to hunt alongside his wife (unless he is very hungry). He also has somewhat of a greedy personality, as he often consumes food for himself and leaves almost none for his wife.


The Griffins first appear at the beginning of the film along with the other animals boarding Noah's Ark to survive the flood. Mr. Gorilla, Lion Captain's henchman, spots them cutting to the front of the line and orders them to get to the back. He then hears a prairie dog yelling for help as it attempts to escape from Mr. Griffin's mouth and orders him to spit it out, as animal consumption was forbidden on the Ark. Mr. Griffin refuses, causing the gorilla to force Mr. Griffin to spit the prairie dog out and tells the Griffins to scram before things got ugly. Mr. Griffin remarks that since the guard of the Ark was a gorilla, things were already ugly, angering the ape enough to kick them off into the distance.

The Griffins later appear as the flood reaches the Ark and snatch up Finny and Leah (who were accidentally left behind on the boarding platform) and appear to be taking them back to the Ark, but instead turn around and attempt to eat the kids for a "mid-flight snack". The kids manage to escape through Finny's defensive smokescreen and land onto a dry path towards a large mountain, hiding in the bushes as Mrs. Griffin blames her husband's ignorance to eat slowly as the reason for losing their meal.

The next morning, the Griffins spot the kids trapped on top of Finny's partially submerged tree house and go in for another attempt to eat them. After a rough game of dodging through trees, the Griffins are blown away from Obesey's (a slug-like creature covered in moss) sneeze, caused by Finny as he ran up his nose. Mrs. Griffin comes up with a plan to kill the three by creating an unstable rock bridge to collapse into a fissure, then feast on their corpses. Once Finny, Leah, Obesey, and Obesey's parasite Stayput arrive at the rock bridge, it manages to collapse sending them falling to their apparent doom, until Finny turns a hat he made for Obesey into wings, allowing them to fly further up the mountain, leaving the Griffins to be crushed by the rocks in a parody of Tetris.

The next day, the Griffins are shown to have survived the rockslide sitting in a nest on the side of the mountain, complaining about the lack of food available. In a chain of flooding throughout caves in the mountain, Finny and Leah unfortunately land in the Griffins' nest. Before the Griffins finally have a chance to eat the two, Obesey pops out of the cave he was stuck in and smashes through the nest and the Griffins. Finny and Leah jump out of the way, but it is too late to save Obesey and Stayput as they and the Griffins fall into the flood water, leaving the two to believe they all drowned.

At the climax, when Finny and Leah reunite with their parents and Finny and his father, Dave learn that Nestrians are aquatic creatures, the Griffins are shown to be alive and dive underwater to attack Leah and her mother, Hazel. Dave sprays them with his smokescreen and breaks for the surface to give Leah and Hazel air. Finny has an idea to lure the Griffins into the now submerged caves of the mountain to trap and drown them. Despite Finny successfully trapping them in a hammock he made earlier in the film using his reflection off a crystal, Mrs. Griffin uses her claws to cut out a door through the net, allowing the Griffins to continue chasing after Finny. Finny makes it out of the cave into Dave's arms, and Obesey (who was really a whale) appears and swallows the two Griffins whole.

During the end credits, they are shown to be still alive in Obesey's stomach betting on the fish that Obesey eats by playing cards.




  • The Griffins share similarities to several other avian villains from animated films:
    • Thunderclap - The Good Dinosaur:
      • They are flying creatures who attempt to eat the main characters, but fail. They had the upper hand at their last stand at first, but are subdued by the learned powers of the heroes and met an ambiguous fate (although it was revealed in the credits that the Griffins were still alive in Obesey's stomach and according to The Good Dinosaur writer Peter Sohn, Thunderclap survives riding downstream the river).
      • At first, they seem compassionate, satisfying, helpful, and kind to the protagonists, only to shortly later be revealed to be savages who are desperate for food to survive.
        • Unlike the pterosaurs who only failed twice, the Griffins kept failing. Also, Thunderclap acted more sadistically while the Griffins acted more like dimwits.
    • Gavin, Roger, and Gertie - Ice Age: Collision Course:
      • Unlike the Griffins, the Dakotaraptors redeemed themselves and helped the heroes repel the main disaster (the meteor), while the Griffins never redeemed themselves and used the flood to their advantage while attempting to eat Finny and Leah.
  • The Griffins may have originated from Australia, as they have Australian accents and resemble flying foxes.
  • Despite having smaller goals compared to the Lion Captain, he and his Gorilla henchmen redeem themselves while the Griffins remain angered by the lack of food.
  • Their first names are unknown, as they were never mentioned in the film.
  • The part where Mr. Griffin insults Mr. Gorilla is cut out in the edited version of the film.