I'm not a real man Latrina, I'm a geography teacher
~ Mr Bibby

Mr. Roger Bibby is a geography teacher and arch-villain, Roger Bibby is undeniably the most unsavoury character you're going to meet in Bromwell High - a lecherous cad often to be found lurking behind sordid schemes and locker-room peepholes. Mr Bibby is voiced by Graeme Garden of The Goodies.

In his first year, Mr. Bibby came under the spell of an emeritus professor, whose study Mr. Bibby accidentally wandered into one night thinking it was his own bed. It turned out that it was his own bed and that the "professor" was quite seriously mental. A friendship began that night, which eventually resulted in Mr. Bibby turning into a geography teacher. Mr. Bibby is the Deputy Head of Bromwell High and the geography teacher. He is extremely articulate, knowledgeable, and has a very professional bearing. However, he is very stern and insensitive, and sometimes evil just for the sake of being evil (being known to be friendly with demons and having links with the slave trade in Angola). In one episode, he slapped Iqbal in the face just for crying. He is extremely manipulative, and therefore able to commit unethical acts with the consent of the Headmaster. Like the Headmaster, he is insatiably greedy and tries to make money through unethical practices. However, unlike the Headmaster, he is far more calculated when he implements his plans.