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Mr. Eric Zimit is (due to the lack of any other villainous characters) the main antagonist of the movie After the Dark. He is the teacher of a philosophy class who lets them participate in a final thought experiment for their last lesson.

He is portrayed by James D’Arcy.


While in his role as one of the protagonists he is a friendly and witty teacher, his thought experiment version is a vengeful and cruel liar, who wants to ensure humanity's survival at any cost, including even murder and rape.


As he is in love with Petra, one of his students, he tries to do her boyfriend James down. For that reason he arranges what their roles in the thought experiments will be and then (in the thought experiment) lets his class decide, which 10 of his 20 students will survive in a bunker, while the world is destroyed in atomic explosions. After two of these experiments (in which all have died because of Mr. Zimit), Petra takes the lead and takes 10 people he considers useless. After their time in the bunker, Mr. Zimit has also survived and threatens them with a gun. In the end, however, Petra still stays with James, leaving Mr. Zimit contemplating suicide.