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Horace T. Wilter is a recurring antagonist in ChalkZone who runs the school. He seem to despise Rudy and Cartoons. He has a long pointy nose and a mustache. He (along with Reggie Bullnerd) are bullies at the school. He's is cold-hearted and extremely strict. He treats students, mainly Rudy and Penny very poorly.

Roles as An Antagonist

  • Dsappearing Act-He took Reggie's side and believed that Rudy and Penny made his mess.
  • Water, Water Everywhere-Brainwashed by The Rock Quarry with Bruno Bullnerd.
  • (add title here)-Mr. Wilter is the cheif antagonsit in the episode. He gave everyone F's. Even though they completed the assingment. 
  • White Board Zone-Bad-mouths snow.


  • He's not as smart as he think he is, He would believe Reggie's horse-play was cause by Rudy and Penny.
  • He is one of the many characters that doesn't have dots for eyes, along with Snap, Biclops, and several chalk drawings and adult males.
  • His personallity is very similar to Professor Pamplemoose from Sidekick. Old are moody, dimwitted and has hatetred with the main character
  • He is hinted to be gay with Reggie's Father.
  • He hates cartoons even though he liked them as a child. 

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