Mr. Wheeler


Get off my road! Move over! Lemme pass!
~ Mr. Wheeler: Motorist

Mr. Wheeler is both the protagonist and antagonist of the Disney Cartoon, "Motor Mania".

He is the evil alternate personality of Mr. Walker. As Walker, he is a simple pedestrian who is courteous, punctual, and honest. However, when he enters his car, becomes filled with a sense of power, and becomes a "demon driver" as the narrator explains, but becomes Walker again after stepping out.

As Wheeler, he is a selfish and very rude individual who believes that he owns the road and will shout at other drivers to get off "his" road, to the point of dissing them. He will intentionally cause traffic jams, throw tantrums at stoplights, participate in drag races, and purposely splash water on victims by driving over puddles. He is also a great hypocrite, complaining when what he does to others happens to him.

In the end, he ends up destroying his own car, thus symbolizing what not to do while behind the wheel.


  • His split personality is similar to that of Two-Face in Batman: the Animated Series, before that character's scarring.