Mr Wertz

Mr. Wertz from Teletoon's "Supernoobs".

Mr. Wertz is Tyler's Science teacher on the 2015 Canadian TV series "Supernoobs". Apart from his brief appearance in the intro, he makes an appearance in the season 1 episode "Parent Teacher Noobs". In said episode, he scolds Tyler and Zenblock (who is posing as Tyler's mom) for being late to the conference, as well as Tyler's frequent disappearance in class. This gives Wertz a perfect opportunity to expose Tyler and the Noobs as aliens. While Kevin, Shope and Roach are having their conferences, Wertz performs a glowing teacher review on Tyler, forcing him to reveal his secret about being an alien. He also threatens to do the same to his real mom. As soon as the other Noobs arrive, Tyler comes clean and tells Mem and Zen, who were posing as Mr. Shope and Ms. Bowman respectively, to prove that they are aliens. Subsequently, Wertz tells the principal about Tyler and the Noobs. However, this backfires when the principal calls the school board over to do a check on Wertz.