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"This is your final chance....Where is the Drive!" -Mr Washington

Mr. Washington is the main antagonist of the 2015 action film "Momentum". He is a agent of the government . He is potrayed by James Purefoy


Mr Washington Death

He commissioned to find a device that was stolen by thieves and during his mission meets Alexis who causes trouble and is forced to end it, after searching, finally face to face with alexis are and interrogates the end reach an agreement in which they must deliver the device and Alexis can leave the country , but Alexis prepares a trap and during the final but Mr.Washington escapes but is stopped by the police , Alexis says, " As I like your tie " and Mr.Washingtn gets hand on the vest and Alexis shouts " Weapon " and finally Mr.Washington is massacred by police


Mr Washington Shooting