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Mr. Walt House

Mr. Walt House

I saw it comin' and I still laugh.
~ Mr. House (watching The World's Most Embarassing Raptures on TV).

Mr. Walter "Walt" House is Ben House's crude and hypocritical father and a minor villain in the 2013 apocayptic fantasy/comedy movie Rapture-Palooza (originally known as Ecstasy). He is a local pool contractor in Seattle, Washington who works for The Beast even though he was one of his Beastly Guards as shown in a live national interview with the Beast on TV since his wife, Ben's mother was taken to Heaven during the Rapture, until he was demoted back to his current profession.

He was portrayed by Rob Corddry.



  • Although his name is credited as "Mr. House" in the film's end credits, his first name "Walt" was revealed and said by the head Beastly Guard Morgan in the movie.

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