Mr. Walt House

Mr. Walt House

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I saw it comin' and I still laugh.
~ Mr. House (watching The World's Most Embarassing Raptures on TV).

Mr. Walter "Walt" House is Ben House's crude and hypocritical father and a minor villain in the 2013 apocayptic fantasy/comedy movie Rapture-Palooza (originally known as Ecstasy).

He was portrayed by Rob Corddry.

He is a local pool contractor in Seattle, Washington who works for The Beast even though he was one of his Beastly Guards as shown in a live national interview with the Beast on TV since his wife, Ben's mother was taken to Heaven during the Rapture, until he was demoted back to his current profession.



  • Although his name is credited as "Mr. House" in the film's end credits, his first name "Walt" was revealed and said by the head Beastly Guard Morgan in the movie.