This wiki page is cheap!
~ Mr. Stubborn
Mr. Stubborn
Mr. Stubborn is a bad character in the Mr. Men show. He is a stubborn and intolerant person who never adapts to any kinds of change whatsoever. By doing this, he will constantly annoy and antagonize other people and make them suffer his obnoxious behavior which can even sometimes lead to him being responsible for mass destruction and the pain of others. He has a catchphrase which he uses to call something cheap which he uses in almost all of his appearances. It will always be along the lines of "This _____ is cheap!" and the name of the thing he's calling cheap will always change depending on what he's talking about.


Mr. Stubborn is a dark purple oval shaped guy with a black comb over that consists of two strands of hair. He has a yellow nose and a thick black uni-brow. He speaks in a strong, deep, gravelly voice. In the episode "Night" he grows pointed ears and a long snout with fangs when he turns into a werewolf (which he denies being).


  • In the original Mr. Men books created by Roger Hargreaves, Mr. Stubborn was actually a girl named Little Miss Stubborn but in the animated Mr. Men TV series, they changed him to a man.
    Little Miss Stubborn

    The original Mr. Stubborn

  • His most antagonized victim in the show is Mr. Grumpy.