"I used this to kill your dog" ~ Mr. Stone (threatening the protagonist with his hammer)

Mr. Stone is the secondary antagonist of the horror film, The Loved Ones, he is Lola Stone's father and fellow serial-killer: he is devoted to his daughter but unlike Lola does unspeakable evil while being polite and calm, rarely showing sadism but rather acting as a stern (yet twistedly caring) father figure.

Mr. Stone, like his daughter, also has incestuous feelings for Lola and this in part is why he happily mutilated and killed her victims, since he wanted his daughter to be happy but also found himself attracted to her.

Mr. Stone developed a horrific form of torture in which he'd drill a hole into a victim's skull and effectively boil their brains, causing them to be lobotomized - he kept an entire cellar full of victims in this state and starved them to the point of cannibalism: one of his victims is also his own wife, who is kept as a lobotomized prisoner in her own home and largely ignored by both Mr. Stone and Lola.

Fittingly Mr. Stone died when the protagonist managed to free themselves and slashed his throat, causing the fearsome father to plunge into the cellar where he was eaten alive by the very victims he'd created : even in death Mr. Stone showed himself to be twisted as he showed shock rather than anger that the protagonist would dare to harm him.