Mr. Smith was a minor villain in Disney's The Cat from Outer Space.


Smith was a tall, blonde man in a suit who served as one of Charles Olympus' henchmen. Despite his imposing size and apparent role as Olympus' muscle, he was actually quite bright and loyal, often serving as an adviser to his employer. He seemed to be Olympus' right-hand man. He was with Olympus when he, Mr. Stallwood and Omar kidnapped Liz, the girlfriend of Dr. Frank Wilson, so they could force Wilson to turn over the alien cat Jake and his magic collar. After sending Wilson's neighbor Link to Wilson with Olympus' demands, the villains returned to the airfield and waited inside Olympus' helicopter.

When Wilson, Link and Jake arrived with General Stilton and the police hot on their heels, Smith sensed a trap. In reality, Stilton was unaware of Olympus' involvement and was after Wilson because he suspected him of collaborating with Jake, who he mistook for a hostile alien - that, and Wilson had taken Stilton's uniform and command car. However Olympus and his crew didn't know this, and so when Smith announced that he thought it was a trap, the power-made businessman did not question his henchman's instincts, and they escaped in the copter.

An aerial chase ensued when Jake used his collar's power to make an old biplane fly again, allowing him and Wilson to pursue the villains. During the aerial game of cat and mouse, Smith drew a revolver and fired repeatedly at the plane after Omar failed to bring it down by banging into it with the helicopter's runners. An overeager Stallwood tried to emulate Smith using a flare gun, but fired it off too soon and hit the copter's controls.

Now, the helicopter would only fly ahead in a straight line, unable to ascend or descend, until its fuel ran out and it crashed. Smith advised they bail out with parachutes, and Olympus agreed. Smith was the first to don his chute and jump out, followed by Omar. Olympus followed a few moments later with Stallwood clinging to his suit lapels because he didn't have a parachute. Smith wound up stuck in a tree, hanging from his parachute.