Mister Smith (Kangaroo Jack)

Mr. Smith is an antagonist in the movie Kangaroo Jack.

He is portrayed by Marton Csokas, who would later portray Nicolai Itchenko in The Equalizer.


At first, Mr. Smith is a mysterious figure who the protagonists, Charlie and Louis, must deliver $50,000 to for an unknown reason. They are at first adamant to complete the task but after they inadvertently lose the cash during horseplay with a kangaroo and are unsuccessful in retrieving it, they retreat to a bar where Louis calls Smith, expecting leniency. Smith, however, is furious and accuses the two of stealing the money and threatens to "chop them into snags and feed them to the crocs" if the package isn't delivered immediately.


Subsequent attempts to retrieve the money fail and Smith begins to viciously track the two down. He eventually finds them and demands the money but, true to their word, is not there. Smith, at his wit's end has the group (joined by their collaborator, Jessie) separated to be killed. Charlie and Louis are dragged away by his thugs, while Smith personally kidnaps Jessie in a last ditch effort to find the money. To his surprise, Charlie and Louis have escaped and hold him and his men at gunpoint. Smith is unfazed and begins to ask Charlie about his life and what he really does to make him so brave. Charlie answers honestly but continues to threaten him. Frankie and another of Sal Maggio's thugs appear and turn their guns on Charlie but a contract dispute erupts into a massive brawl, which allows the three to escape. Frankie violently knocks Smith out and they are later arrested. It is revealed that the money was intended as payment for Smith to kill Charlie and Louis.