Mr. Smarty Smarts is the main antagonist of the animated show Spliced. He is a mutant who took on the role of an evil genius. His minion and closest confidente was Octocat. He lives in his lair on the slope of the island's volcano with his friend.

Although he is shown to be incredibly intelligent, he was unable to read, and keep that fact secret from everyone except for Octocat.

He hates candy because the sweets have a "pleasant" taste. (Sugar Low). However, he does enjoy ice cream sundaes (Of Minions and Masters).


In episode 18, when Octocat left due to his verbal and costume abuse, he used Claw-o-patra (a parody on Cleopatra), a robot with clawed hands seen earlier in episode 17, as a stand-in minion. She turned rogue and took over, until Octocat managed to destroy her at the end.



  • He is spliced from animals that have shown to be highly intelligent like dolphins and apes.
  • In the episode "There Will Be Stomp", it is shown he and Octocat met after their cars crashed into each other. However, in "Mr Wrinkles In Time" it is revealed they've known each other from childhood.
  • Several of his diabolical schemes against the town were:
    1. Trying to blast it with an Amnesia-ray.
    2. Destroying it with giant robots and a giant orbital Laser.
    3. Shrinking it's inhabitants
    4. Attacking it with his Cyber Stomper.