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Mr. Simms

Mr. Simms

Death, it comes in many strange packages.
~ Mr. Simms
This ain't no furneral home! It ain't the Terrordome neither!
~ Mr. Simms
Welcome to Hell, muthaf**kassss!
~ Mr. Simms who revealed himself to be The Devil.

Mr. Simms is an eccentric and story-prone funeral director of the local mortuary known as Simms' Furneral Home in Los Angeles, California, and he is the prominent major character in the 1995 horror anthology film Tales from the Hood directed by Rusty Cundieff, and executive produced by Spike Lee.

He was portrayed by legendary actor Clarence Williams III.





  • Mr. Simms' role as the grim storyteller is similar to that of the Crypt-Keeper from Tales from the Crypt.

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