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I want to watch it come down
~ Mr. Self Destruct

Mr. Self Destruct, sometimes known as the Ruiner, is a metaphysical/mental entity and the central antagonist of the album "The Downward Spiral" released in 1994 by Nine Inch Nails. Mr. Self Destruct is particularly notable for being the main villain in a recurring concept album, which follows a story of a normal man going on a downward spiral due to the influence of the "voice" inside his head that controls him, AKA the aforementioned Mr. Self Destruct. Mr. Self Destruct is sadistic and sociopathic, and actively looks for ways to make his victim's lives miserable and take them; which is his ultimate goal in every living entity. As a result, Mr. Self Destruct is a non-mortal being who lives off his victims and exists within every entity all at once, feeding off of their life sources until he can be given what he wants - the death of his victim. As a result, Mr. Self Destruct sort of functions as a metaphysical parasitic creature.


Mr. Self Destruct is violent and sociopathic, taking pleasure in the suffering and misery of his victims. He shows no remorse for his actions; and will take no hesitations to ruin or shatter any brief glimpse of hope that exists in his victims. There are several ways to deal with him, though it is his priority to drive all his victim's to suicide. As a result of existing correspondingly inside everyone's minds, Mr. Self Destruct could very well have multiple personalities; though all of them are negative and hateful.

He speaks very calmly and serenely about destroying a person's life, as he feels no remorse for this; it is his duty and pleasure to ruin, consume, and devour his victims sucking them dry of their positivity. Due to this, Mr. Self Destruct activates as a more emotional villain rather than a more upfront one, and has no desire to interfere with things such as ruling Earth, money, or vengeance; he views such concepts as petty and meaningless.

In "The Downward Spiral", Mr. Self Destruct successfully drives one of his specific victims to suicide, and as a result is also killed in the process due to having no more host. However, this is exactly what he wanted, and continues to exist on a cosmic plane, still existing within more victims; his plan to drive all of them to death. Whether he succeeds or not is dependent on the victim; those who are either strong enough to face him can defeat his presence, and those too weak will give in.