Mr. Scratch is the main antagonist of the 1957 film, The Story of Mankind. He was played by the late Vincent Price, who voiced Professor Ratigan in the Disney film, The Great Mouse Detective.

The Story of Mankind

Mr. Scratch had mankind create the H Bomb, so it can be wiped off the face of the Earth. But two angels sent this case to the higher court to see if mankind deserves to live on or should be destroyed. But then, the Spirit of Man (Ronald Coleman) stood for Mankind. The Spirit and Scratch were allowed to go back in time to show evidence if Mankind was good or evil.

Scratch's evidence

  1. Khufu having Egypt build it's Pyramids
  2. The Trojan War
  3. The Reign of Cleopatra
  4. Nero Burning Rome
  5. The Life of Joan of Arc
  6. The War Weapons made by Leonardo Da Vinci
  7. The Seige of Cortes
  8. The Washing Up of Sir Walter Raliegh
  9. The Bad Trading of Peter Minuit
  10. The Salem Witch Trails
  11. The Great Plague of London
  12. Pirates
  13. The French Revolution
  14. Napoleon Bonaparte
  15. America vs. the Indians in the West
  16. The Civil War
  17. World War 1
  18. Adolf Hitler and World War 2
  19. The Atomic Bomb


With the good and evil of Mankind too finely balanced, the decision was suspended until they meet again, til then, Mankind shall choose his own fate.