Postpone the tour!? Oh no we will not! You're all under contract in case you forgot! This tour will not end until I turn a profit! You'll stay on this bus and you WILL NOT get off it!
~ Mr. Saul ordering his singers to stay on the bus until he makes a profit
Mr. Saul is the main antagonist of the 2003 movie The Night B4 Christmas. He is a record producer who wanted Elvyn and his friends to sign a contract to work for him. Once they sign that contract, they regret it. Saul works Elvyn and the gang to near exhaustion. An insult is heard from Mr. Saul's daughter, Evilina Saul. He threatned to squeeze Elvyn and the others "like Oprah in bicycle tights" if they don't agree with what he says. He and Evillina make the gang go on a 90 day tour to entertain audiences. Elvyn jumped out the window of the tour bus and ran, but Mr. Saul and Evilina were in pursuit of him. Elvyn and his friends were locked behind bars, but Seamus unlocked the cell while Jel-O threw a plate of meat loaf and waffles into the cell to keep Mr. Saul's dogs in there. Mr. Saul soon smells the waffles and loaf and hops in the cell to get it, while Elvyn steals his cellphone and locks the cell, leaving a scared Mr. Saul with his angry, hungry dogs. But in the end, he is set free from his cell and gives his daughter a hug, thus both becoming good.