Marvin Pottsdam, Jr. is the secondary antagonist of the 1996 video game, Harvester. He is stated to be the father of Stephanie Pottsdam, who does not remember anything, much like the protagonist of the game, Steve. Mr. Pottsdam is obsessed with red meat, and is marrying Stephanie off to Steve so that he can get a job at Steve's father's slaughterhouse and have all the meat he wants. This obsession is most apparent when the player visits the Pottsdam household for the first time, and Mr. Pottsdam repeatedly asks Steve to "remind him [Steve's father] about the meat." Mr. Pottsdam's other driving force in life is to join the Lodge. Unfortunately for him, however, he is rejected every time. He encourages Steve to join the Lodge, however, so that his and Stephanie's wedding can be held in the Chapel of Love. Later on in the game, it is revealed that Mr. Pottsdam uses a peephole in the bathroom to spy on Stephanie as she changes her clothes and, if the player desires, has sex with Steve. In order to get into the Lodge, Mr. Pottsdam kidnaps and molests Karen, the five-year-old daughter of Edna Fitzpatrick, the owner of DNA's Diner. He then buries her alive in the cemetery. If Steve rescues her right away, Karen survives. However, if he waits too long, she will die and the events of the story play out a bit differently. Finally, Steve encounters Mr. Pottsdam in a freezer full of meat inside the Lodge. He tells Steve that they accepted him into the Lodge because he kidnapped Karen, and then tries to kill Steve with two meat hooks, but Steve defeats and kills him in battle.