Mr. Plastic, also known as The Plastic Man is the secondary antagonist of season 1 in the TalesFromTheSpidersWeb Slender series.



Plastic Man appears twice in the video, helping Clowny with his creepy messages. He only appears at the very beginning, staring upward and toward the camera, and at the very end, rapidly moving his eyes.

The Den

He is seen behind the bushes as Jesse and Simon find another mysterious page inside the scrapped area within their neighborhood. Jesse and Simon catch sight of him and run off, only for the Plastic Man to chase them to no avail. He may have been the one to send the FOLLOW and NO MORE pages to David and Jesse, as well as the REGRET page, which was possibly meant for Simon, as it was near his house.


He is seen twice in the video, burying a box in David's backyard and later looking at the camera, again rapidly moving his eyes.