John Nobody, also known as Mr. Nobody, was a minor villain in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. He was the main antagonist of 2000 AD prog 26.



John Nobody was repeatedly mocked and laughed at because of his name, and Mr. Nobody, furious, decides to lash out and he uses the dream machine to experience the pleasure of causing mass death and destruction. He then manages to destroy the Transatlantic Express, then proceeds to poison sector 4's water supply and finally blew up the Space Academy.

Judge Dredd's discovery

After Mr. Nobody uses the dreaming machine to experience causing destruction and mass murdering people during the Justice Parade, an employee of Dream Palace becomes suspicious and after seeing Judge Dredd patrolling calls him and shows him the three un-authorized uses of the nightmare zone and proceeds to show Dredd the most recent use of the dream machine where he sees Mr. Nobody massacring numerous Judges and causing mass destruction during Justice Day Parade. Dredd then rushes to the parade to stop Mr. Nobody before it's too late.

Justice Day Parade

Dredd arrives at the parade and spots Mr. Nobody burning several Judges alive. Dredd then proceeds to go after Mr. Nobody and jumps onto his hover car, shooting the controls and making the vehicle crash into a giant statue of a Judge. Mr. Nobody was the first to recover and attempts to shoot Dredd but gets impaled by a giant sword that fell from the statue, killing him.