Mr. Nezu

Mr. Nezu

Mr. Nezu
(根津) is one of the villains in Akira. He is a parliament member who is also the leader of the terrorist resistance movement against the government.


Mr. Nezu provides information to the rest of the resistance. He provides the IDs required to gain access to the military hospital. He died of a heart attack during the coup d'état.


He seems to be the mentor of Kei and Ryu, and purports to be saving the nation from the corrupt and ineffective bureaucrats in power. It soon becomes evident, however, that Nezu is just as corrupt, and that all he seeks to do is to seize power for himself.

He later betrays Lady Miyako, as well as various other characters, as he attempts to take control of Akira. After losing Akira, he finds Ryu in a dark corridor with the boy in tow. He attempts to kill Ryu, thinking he is a member of Lady Miyako's group all along. Ryu, however, shoots Nezu. He fakes his death and later comes back. He later tries to shoot Akira before he can be taken into the Colonel's custody. He misses and shoots Takashi in the head, instantly killing him. He was in turn shot and killed by the Colonel's men.