Mr. Neby K. Nezzar is the main antagonist of the VeggieTales segment "Rack Shack and Benny". He is the villain, because he wants all of his chocolate factory employees to love his most favorite thing in his life; The Nezzar Chocolate Bunny, and threatens and blackmails everybody with death in his factory's exhaust furnace.

He first appears when he is peaceful towards his employees when he offers everybody to eat as many chocolate bunnies as they want in celebration of his two millionth chocolate bunny sold but when he sees 3 employees, Rack, Shack, and Benny, standing while the others are ill from eating too much candy, he promotes them as "Junior Executives" where they just wear a tie. The next day he calls Rack Shack and Benny into his office and shows them his model of his 90 feet high bunny statue and how he wants all his employees to love it as much as he. He sings his "The Bunny Song" whose lyrics state that school, health food, church, and doing good things is no more important than The Bunny. He says to Rack, Shack and Benny that he intends to force them, and all his employees to sing The Bunny Song when bowing down to the Bunny Statue and whoever does not bow and sing the song would be thrown in the factory's exhaust furnace. That afternoon when the ceremony happens Rack, Shack and Benny refuse to bow and sing the song.

Mr. Nezzar finally decides to condemn the 3 employees to the furnace. But however Rack Shack and Benny survive and do not get burned because God saves them and Mr. Nezzar finally apologizes and redeems himself and decides to make all his employees sing a new song called "Stand Up!" which lyrics state that when somebody tells you to do something wrong you refuse no matter what they threaten you with.


  • The story of the Chocolate Bunny is a retelling of the fiery furnace from the Book Of Daniel and Mr. Neby K. Nezzar symbolises King Nebuchadnezzar II - the antagonist of that biblical tale.
  • There are many versions of "The Bunny Song". First, there is the original, which got many complaints from parents, because it contained lyrics such as "I don't love my mom, or my dad, just the bunny" and "I won't go to church, & I won't go to school. That Stuff is for sissies, but bunnies are cool!". Then, there's "The New and Improved Bunny Song", which was made for the first Veggietales singalong tape, and made the song say the opposite of what the original said. Then, there's the toned down version, which was inserted into the actual video, which replaced the lyrics we mentioned earlier with "I don't love my soup, or my bread, just the bunny" and "I won't eat no beans, and i won't eat tofu. That stuff is for sissies, but bunnies are cool!".
  • He plays multiple characters with the same name, however the characters he plays are actually often confirmed as brothers to other Mr. Nezzars, making a strange case of fictionalized fiction.