Mr. N
I don't remember losers.
~ Mr. N

Mr. N is a major villain from Divekick. He is involved in most of the character's storylines and is responsible for almost all problems happening in the story.

One of the many fighters in the Divekicking circuit, Mr. N is legitimately good at divekicking, however instead of working on his own career he rides the cottails of his best friend, Dustin Weinburger. Because of this, Mr. N will do anything he can to help Dustin win. In one such occasion, he put Foot Dive bacteria on the shoes of newcomer divekicker Kenny, which caused him to lose his match against Dustin and die later that day. Despite of this, Mr. N was aquitted, while Kenny watched from Heaven the whole trial.

After losing a match to Uncle Sensei and being sent to the losers bracket, Mr. N pays a lot of money to rig the brackets in his favor. This causes the tournament to get into such disarray that it ends cancelled and everyone is disqualified. Because of this, Uncle Sensei loses his winning streak andf all of his sponsors, ending bankrupt as a result.

Mr. N is currently on the run from the mafia, as he owes a huge debt to mob boss Don Luo, who has sent The Baz after Mr. N.