Daniel Moynahan is a character in the 1996 videogame Harvester. He is the town's undertaker, as well as the owner of the Wayward Hotel.

Throughout the game, it is strongly suggested that Moynahan is a serial killer who allows various hobos and other out-of-towners to stay at his Wayward Hotel only to murder them. This is supported by the fact that the names in the ledgers of both the Wayward Hotel and the Shady Oaks Mortuary are identical, as well as the fact that each homeless person who visits Harvest just happens to die.

On Friday, a corpse can be seen in the casket at the mortuary. Upon opening the corpse's shirt, Steve finds that the man has several slashes across his abdomen. He takes a photo of this and uses it to blackmail Moynahan to get his tube of glue, which he needs to complete a task.

Although Steve can show various pieces of evidence around town that Moynahan is a serial killer, none of the residents particularly care, and showing them to the Sheriff will result in either him confiscating them or arresting Steve.

Moynahan can be killed, and he is one of the few Harvest residents whom Steve can kill without getting a game over although canonically he gets no punishment for his actions.