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Spidey Super Stories 2 Rule The World

Mr. Measels is an enemy of Spider-Man in the 1970's Electric Company series. Mr. Measles (Skip Hinnant), armed with a large bag of measles-causing spots, plans to spread a worldwide epidemic. He infects several people but Spidey catches him before a large-scale outbreak happens. However, Spidey becomes ill with the measles.

Mr. Measels is clearly a symbolic villain designed to be a (rough) anthropomorphism of measels and despite his somewhat comedic appearance and dialogue he is a potentially deadly opponent as measels can have life-threatening side-effects.

Due to advances in modern medicine Mr. Measels is unlikely to ever return unless he develops a modified version of the disease as measles is widely vaccinated in the developed world - making him a far less dangerous opponent than he was at the time of his original publication.

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