Mr. Mascaro
Mr. Mascaro is the assistant clown of wealthy villain named Virgil Travis


Mr. Mascaro is the aide de camp and religious advisor of Virgil Travis, a wealthy and malformed bussiness man.

When his employer looses a billion dollar court case, he assists Travis in the creation of the blood dolls.

He is also revealed as a minister in the "Church of the Devine Spirit".


Mascaro is completely loyal to Virgil Travis, in the first ending he loyally decides to die along side his master. He expresses jelousy, when the dolls are initially introduced. However, he soon moves beyond this and views them as his friends. Despite being a ruthless assassin, he is truly devouted to his faith. In the second ending he, along with the rest of the Travis household expresses joy when Moira displays true romantic interest in his employer.


  • Mr. Mascaro wears face paint that resembles the face of Jack Attack.