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Stop those tears, you are just making daddy's willy harder.
~ Mr. Lomax to his son Martin, which can be heard in audio flashbacks.

Mr. Lomax is an unseen villain in The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), who is the abusive father of the film's anti-villain/protagonist Martin Lomax. He could be seen as one of the contributing factors to Martin's unstable mind, causing him to obsess over The Human Centipede (First Sequence) movie and try to create his own.

The voice of him is provided by Laurence R. Harvey, who portrays Martin Lomax.


Mr. Lomax is absent from the film, and it is mentioned he is in prison (most likely for sexually abusing his son Martin). Martin's suicidal mother Mrs. Lomax claims she misses her husband (despite being a sexual deviant) and blames Martin for him being in prison.

Mr. Lomax's voice can be heard when Martin is having a nightmare of being sexually abused by his father, and it shows that Mr. Lomax got pleasure from his son's suffering. This sexual abuse caused Martin to have issues in his adult life and health problems. Martin deals with his problems by obsessing over The Human Centipede movie, and looks up to the fictional Josef Heiter (the movie's antagonist) as a father figure, deciding to copy his experiment by creating his own (and much larger) centipede creation.

Later in the film after Martin's mother tries to kill him, Martin lays on his bed to sleep and is plagued by more audio flashbacks of his father's abuse. When his mother discovers his crazed fetish over the Human Centipede and destroys his scrapbook, Martin murders her in rage.