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Have at you!
~ Mr. L's catchpharse
~ Another catchphrase of Mr. L

Mr. L is an antagonist in Super Paper Mario. He's the evil alter-ego of Luigi. He is a boss in World 4 and World 6 in Super Paper Mario. He was originally Luigi, but he later got brainwashed by Nastasia and he was told to defeat Mario and his friends once and for all, but as the Game Theorists have evidence he has wanted to do this all along because there is no such thing as instant hypnosis. Watch their video here:

Mr. L also has a robot that he calls Brobot, because it is a robot modeled after Luigi. Later in Super Paper Mario, after being defeated by the heroes twice, Dimentio kills him. he appears as his normal self in the Underwhere. He was reunited again by Mario to help his friends out.

He also technically serves as the final boss, as Dimentio brainwashes Luigi during the final battle, then fuses with him and the Chaos Heart. However, Super Dimentio is defeated, Luigi is returned to normal and the day is saved.



Super Paper Mario Music - Mr01:48

Super Paper Mario Music - Mr. L's Theme

Super Paper Mario Boss Battle Mr04:45

Super Paper Mario Boss Battle Mr. L and Brobot-0

Super Paper Mario Boss Battle Mr04:28

Super Paper Mario Boss Battle Mr. L 2


  • In Super Smash Brothers Brawl, he is mentionned in Paper Luigi's trophy, but as Mister L instead.
  • His stats: Max HP is 40, Attack is 3 and Defense is 0.

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