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I'm not really much of a dog person.
~ Mr. Kroop

Mr. Kroop is the (former) main antagonist in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.

He was portrayed by Brian Stepanek.

In the film

Mr. Kroop a bank manager and not a very nice one. He also has smilely pens (that don't work), loves cats, and hates dogs. When he realizes that Sam's parents couldn't make their morgage payments, $40,000, Mr. Kroop was set on getting their house. Even though they still had time left, he and his workers showed up the next morning anyway. After Papi, Chloe, Pedro, Delgado, and the puppies retaliated, Mr. Kroop demanded that Sam' parents were to leave ASAP. He was the reason the dogs had to enter the dog show to win enough money needed for the house, though they failed.

Later, he was seen outside the bank just as it was being robbed. After the dogs took care of the crime, Mr. Kroop informs Sam's family that they got a $50,000 reward by the police, which was more than enough to pay off the house. In the end, he was dogpiled on and licked by the Pedro and the puppies.