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Mr. Kreese

See you in the court, losers.
~ Mr. Kreese telling Gumball and Darwin that he is waiting for them.
  Mr. Kreese is the coach at Elmore's rival school, Richwood High, and the tertiary antagonist of The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Sweaters." He taunts Gumball and Darwin whereever they go, but in the end, he redeems himself.


He likes to bully and taunt people in a very childish and immature manner.


  • He is based off of Pops Racer from "Speed Racer" and J. Jonah Jameson from "Spider-Man".
  • He is named after John Kreese, one of the antagonists from The Karate Kid.
  • He was originally a beaver and a pickle in concept art.


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