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Help! Mu pu$$y's gone crazy!
~ Cindy Campbell while being attacked by Mr. Kittles.

Mr. Kittles was the pet cat of Master Hugh Kane's pet cat who lived in the Hell House. He is a minor villain in Scary Movie 2.

He has met Cindy Campbell many times while she was staying in the house, but his biggest scene was when he became possessed by the ghost of Hugh Kane and attacked Cindy, for thinking she was Caroline, and also for pooping in his litter box. It is unknown what happened to him after the movie.



  • In the second alternate ending of Scary Movie 2, as Cindy screams "no" (as she did in the first Scary Movie film), Mr. Kittles who is somehow alive, is seen piloting an airplane and wearing a Japanese Rising Sun headband as he drops a bomb on Cindy, killing her completely.

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