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Mr Kitten Rock's!
Mr. Kitten is Kat Koomander's rebellious teenage son and shares many of the same abilities as Kat but lacks restraint or respect for any authority - he is even brave enough to insult the Kat Kommander and when he arrived on Earth it proved to be an extremely chaotic and dangerous experience not only for any humans that got in Mr. Kitten's path but also for Mr. Kat himself as Mr. Kitten's reckless use of his alien powers endangered Kat's own schemes for world conquest.

Mr. Kitten is even more aggressive than Kat and is much more chaotic, which is saying something as Kat comes from a society that enjoys building weapons of mass destruction and plotting conquest - Mr. Kitten however just likes destruction and is thus a cosmic version of a juvenile delinquent, something even the megalomaniacal Kat can not tolerate.


  • In general, he is a unseen character in Season 1 but appeared as a minor antagonist in Season 2, he only appeared in Rebel with a Claw as the main antagonist.

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