And once I have that shooting star in my hands, every worthless human will kneel down before Dealer. Yes... Humans are indeed weak, brittle, and foolish creatures. Which is why they are always in such a rush to get new "Brothers" and create new "Purposes" with them. Humans need me to rule over them... I will give this planet new life... I will show them the true reason to live... All foolish humans will be under Dealer's control once I have Meteor G in my hands...
~ Mr. King

Mr. King (Japanese:ミスター・キング), is the main antagonist in Mega Man Star Force 3. He is the villainous owner of the King Foundation, a front for his true organization, a crime syndicate called Dealer. He intends to have the Dealer members harvest Crimson Energy from fallen Wizards which were corrupted by Noise Cards, so that he can enter Meteor G's server, and use its power to control the Earth. Believing humans to be too weak to survive, he feels himself the one fit to rule humanity with his leadership. Despite Mr. King himself being human, he sees himself higher than humanity itself.


Mr. King is a philanthropist to the public, using his King Foundation to provide monetary aid to orphanages and various extraordinary institutions and is known to be doing this due to the fact that countless years earlier than the sequence timeline. In truth alternatively his apparent benevolent moves are nothing however a facade as he raised various orphaned children in order to have them commit heinous crimes in his name, with most of them by no means making it alive to inform the tale. It is regarded that none of these orphans ever realized they had been being basically used by their supposedly kind parental figure. Ace, Queen Tia and Jack were the only ones who survived the ordeal with Ace becoming disgusted at King and departing his aspect and Queen Tia and Jack last to acquire their personal goal.

A few years before the game's timeline, Mr. King used to be studying ways in how to gain dominance over Earth when he then stumbled upon Meteor G; at the same time, he met Heartless who used to be looking for Kelvin Stelar and who had also found about the celestial body. Wanting to get close to Meteor G herself, Heartless contacted Mr. King and grew to become his right-hand lady. He additionally was once capable to tightly closed Mu Technology for himself.


Mr. King calling Tia and Jack.

He has Queen Tia and Jack test Noise Cards in a few Wizards (including Magnes) and Mr. King is intrigued by using Mega Man while knowing that he is one of their objectives and that Mega Man interfered with Spade Magnes' rampage. He orders the siblings to infiltrate Echo Ridge Elementary in order to discover the secret behind Mega Man's strength as properly as his weaknesses given that Mr. King has a scientific interest on him and reveals that Mega Man's true identity is Geo Stelar so the two are to observe him. Mr. King frequently reminds the two, especially Jack that they are no longer to have interaction Mega Man directly, much to Jack's annoyance given that he finds investigating to be boring.


Jack questioning Mr. King's plans.

Mr. King is now not viewed till after Diamond Ice's defeat the place the contributors of Dealer keep a meeting, with Mr. King thrilled with the results at WBG Studios gathering a giant amount of Crimson. He claims that once his genius mind combines with Meteor G, they will have the electricity to do as they favor and that the world will kneel before Dealer. Heartless exhibits that Mr. King has obtained a giant quantity of supportive emails, all of them full of correct reception at his charitable work. Mr. King is overjoyed that his public facade is working so well. Jack rudely voiced out his wish to battle Mega Man with every different member of Dealer having him cool down. Mr. King, instead of being offended, points out that Jack has modified with his time at faculty and suggests he might also have emerge as weak. Mr. King tells Jack that he must continue to be silent and comply with his plans given that they are perfect and voices out his disgust at the human race, believing them to be brittle, weak and silly creatures, and belittling BrotherBands and Purposes. He then makes the narcissistic statement that humanity wishes him to rule over them, and that once he possesses Meteor G, he will be in a position to supply humanity a new lifestyles and a genuine motive for living. Mr. King has Heartless relay his next set of orders, that Tia and Jack are to continue to be investigating Mega Man and collect Crimson as they have until now, and has Joker in standby to receive future orders. Mr. King delightfully states that it is solely count of time earlier than Meteor G is in their arms and that they will crush Natl WAZA HQ and the Satella Police with them, through the usage of the Ultimate Weapon he is manufacturing out of Mega Man's data.


Mr. King ordering Joker to watch over Tia and Jack.

Mr. King orders Joker to watch over Tia and Jack understanding that they can also strive to act on their own against Mega Man against his orders. Joker exhibits this when he is witness to both Queen Virgo and Jack Corvus fight with Mega Man with Tia efficaciously guessing what his orders were. Joker states that if they again down at once there will be no penalties to the siblings, so they reluctantly retreat. Mr. King has Heartless start the analysis technique of Mega Man's facts to end the Ultimate Weapon. Jack needs to know what he will do with the data. Mr. King purely name callings at his "son's" impatience taunting him whether he can wait or not to know.

For reasons generally unknown, be it as "punishment" for their previous insubordination or because he is planning to dispose of the siblings, he has Tia have interaction on a mission by myself to assault WAZA with the aid of herself with the Ultimate Weapon created by using Mr. King. Jack finds the notion atypical and secretly confronts his sister about this, but Tia is in a position to understand that Jack has modified and is no longer as explosive as before, believing that Mr. King was once right about Jack's character altering as a result of going to college as a regular boy.

Heartless informs Mr. King of Tia's defeat but due to the fact that the attack led by her was profitable in destroying most of WAZA and the Satella Police, he refuses to rescue Tia. Heartless asks Mr. King what should be done about Jack due to the fact he hasn't behaving as himself. Mr. King reaffirms his suspicions and has Heartless get rid of him because each Tia and Jack had been pawns from the begin and that Jack is of little use to him with his sister gone, knowing that it will make Jack even greater reckless and precise. However earlier than he can finish, he states that Jack should still be of some use and wonders whether or not he has some parental emotions left. Mr. King simply tells Heartless to let Jack do as he pleases.


Mr. King ignoring Jack to get Tia.

Following Tia's defeat Jack demands that Mr. King rescues his sister understanding that he have to have some thing planned. Mr. King evenly says that he is carefully determining what to do about Tia on account that she is his "precious daughter" and that he would be a "horrible father" if he didn't do some thing for her sake. However he loudly remarks that it is nevertheless not the time to make a move when you consider that they have now not scored a actual "checkmate" with Mega Man and Ace still at giant alongside with other "insects". He reputedly mocking Jack's mind makes use of the analogy of a "video game strategy" to him in that if their move is the right one, then they will in a position to turn the tide even more in their favour. An aggravated Jack needs he be given orders, but Mr. King refutes by using having Joker go as an alternative since Jack has been too hot-headed and calms him down through saying that if the next cross is not carried out perfectly then Queen Tia could be in greater danger. Mr. King asks Heartless about the nation of the Noise Creation program, with her revealing that while it is progressing, the controller is nonetheless misguided and that there are different slowed down processes. Mr. King is unamused at the "simpletons" working at it and decides to finish the program himself.


Joker reporting to Mr. King about Jack Corvus' defeat.

Heartless informs Mr. King of Jack's insubordination which angers Mr. King, however considers to make the satisfactory out of the present day situation. He orders Joker to watch Jack and dispose of him if he goes ever the slightest overboard. Joker then informs Mr. King of Jack Corvus' defeat at the palms of Mega Man, leaving Mr. King mock Jack declaring his foolishness as countless being worse than his sister and even extra nugatory than a pawn.

King holds a meeting with the remaining members of Dealer, saying that while they have destroyed most of WAZA's HQs around the world and have gained control of Meteor G, they only have partial control of it since its size was beyond Mr. King's expectation, therefore requiring larger amounts of Crimson. Joker starts corrupting Wizards everywhere around Electopia for the Satella Police to fight in order to garner the Crimson needed, knowing that if they do not interfere there could be casualties but if they interfere they will favour Dealer, therefore putting them in a bind. Heartless suggests rescuing the siblings since they were in charge of the Crimson collection but Joker suggests otherwise as he has an idea of his own.


Mr. King telling Joker to reveal his true form.

Mr. King simply awaits in his chambers while the Satella Police alongside with Mega Man and Harp Note figure out to invade the Dealer's base. He is witness to Acid Ace's defeat at the palms of Joker. Mega Man seems and confronts Joker, so Mr. King permits Joker to go as wild as he can be, and to expose his true form. Mr. King then performs a making a bet game with Heartless on who will win the battle. Joker then finalizes into Dread Joker and displays his authentic reasons, that in his words, he is the most effective Battle Wizard created and he was once born out of the same program as Acid. Severe at having his reason understanding for presence stripped far from him, he happily progressed toward becoming Mr. King's Wizard as he gave Joker another approach to wind up himself once more. Mega Man battles and thrashings Dread Joker. Mega Man, Acid Ace and Harp Note at that point choose to defy Mr. King himself, with him just giggling and saying he ought to have betted on Mega Man however that the way that Joker was crushed was inconceivable itself. Ace cases that Mr. King hasn't changed yet that he won't sufficiently live to change. Mr. King anyway views Ace as a radiant joker and has Heartless call a card-formed stage to have them drift over the rest, as Mr. King takes a gander at them and trusts them useless ants.


Mr. King's evil laughter.

Before Mega Man can endeavor to stop Mr. King from escaping he is ceased by Tia and Jack who are uncovered to have gotten away detainment. Mr. King is pleased and asks his "great kids" to deal with the refuse around him. Tia and Jack have no further aim of obeying Mr. King and request that he gives them all the Red he has gathered. Tia additionally explains that since he has lost both Corrosive and with Joker crushed, that Merchant is improved the situation and the two will proceed the latest relevant point of interest. Mr. King is rankled at their treachery utilizing wistful discourse to prevail upon them, however the Tia and Jack voices their disturb at their temporary parent and that they never thought of him as a parental figure. Mr. King has a profound giggling at the conviction the two have that he is genuinely crushed. He at that point uncovers his trump card and has Joker self-destruct. While he withdraws high up on his stage with Merciless.

Once the explosion is averted by Acid Ace albeit seemingly at the cost of his own life, Mr. King is ruthlessly overjoyed at Joker's sacrifice since it provided him with a massive amount of Crimson. Mr. King is delighted at Ace's demise believing him the proper outcome for his betrayal. Heartless merely remains silent at Mr. King's foul remarks. When the blast is deflected by Corrosive Expert though apparently at the expense of his own life, Mr. King is heartlessly excited at Joker's forfeit since it furnished him with a gigantic measure of Blood red. Mr. King is enchanted at Ace's downfall trusting him the best possible result for his selling out. Unfeeling only stays quiet at Mr. King's foul comments.


Mr. King and Heartless at the Orbital Base.

Mr. King and Heartless choose to settle themselves at their Orbital Base put 50 miles over the Earth surface, placing them in the mesosphere. Heartless uncovers to Mr. King that the Orbital Base has full access to Meteor G on account of the Crimson abandoned by Joker. Mr. King satisfied at the result at that point says the time has desired Merchant or rather himself to run the world finally. He says they ought to pronounce their triumph against the world. Mr. King at that point plays out a huge communicated by hacking into all channels uncovering the presence of Meteor G and of its actual nature, that it is in an impact course towards Earth and if it somehow managed to strike the planet, all EM innovation would be futile. He additionally clarifies that he has increased full control of Meteor G and that he can stop its impact and accordingly that puts the destiny on Earth in his grasp. At last uncovering his actual devilish nature to the world and plays out a showing by terminating a Dread Lazer at Natl WAZA HQ, Sticking it with an enormous measure of Noise Waves.


Mr. King hacking into Satella Police computers.

He gives a final proposal of three days to all nations on the planet to present their resignal, generally those that neglect to do as such in time will be wiped from presence. Back at the Orbital Base Mr. King is stressed that he is as yet not fit for getting to all the intensity of Meteor G, since its Sticking ought to be much ground-breaking by out and out keeping any EM Being from entering or leaving and wrecking any human inside right away. Heartless says that it is unimaginable for Meteor G to deny Mr.King's requests now, along these lines he presumes that an outsider outside of WAZA is meddling. He ponders about who this gathering could be to hold up at last to strike at him and requests Heartless to investigate the issue.


Mr. King finding out about the rebellion.

In the long run WBG Studios staff Lee and Belle choose to remain against Mr. King and communicated inspirational statements to the world to join to crush Mr. King to not enable Merchant to win. Mr. King knows about this communicate and irritated at the indications of uprising chooses to shoot another Dread Lazer at the Studios catching its staff inside. Heartless gives new data to Mr. King that few world leaders are as yet discussing whether to submit or not. Mr. King trusts them to be morons who still can't understand they can't plan to overcome him inasmuch as he controls Meteor G, and to give them a chance to discuss so they find for themselves how defenseless they are.


Mr. King and Heartless watching Meteor G.

Mr. King asks Heartless how the statistics about the third party is going however Heartless is unable to discover any leads. Mr. King is enraged at Heartless incompetence and needs that she finishes through the subsequent day or she will be punished. His precedent subordinates, Tia and Jack enter the Orbital Base and confront him in their EM Wave Change forms. Both Mr. King and Heartless are surprised to visually pick out the siblings, however they statement to no longer be taken lightly. Mr. King believes them to be the third party, but the siblings have no concept what he verbalizes about. The siblings divulge they have been by no means loyal to Mr. King at all and they have been ready the moment Joker was out of the photograph with himself in control of Meteor G so as to take the whole lot from him. Mr. King as soon as more tries to use sentimental leverage to win over them, but it falls on deaf ears, seeing that the siblings are greater than conscious that his benevolent persona was fake and that he dispatched countless kids like themselves to commit crimes for his sake with none of them coming returned and besides knowing the truth.


Mr. King thinking Tia and Jack are the third party.

Mr. King except any regret basically claims that thanks to his resource they had been able to stay that a good deal in the first place. The siblings uttering their profound disgust and hatred at their foster dad figure out to take revenge on the behalf of these teens and themselves. Mr. King simply appears at them with disdain and makes use of a one of a kind Noise frequency to cancel their EM Wave Change and has them captured with electricity rings. He explains that the whole lot in the facility is beneath his manage and jeer the siblings for their weakness. As he is about to punish them the seize ceases to be. Surprised Mr. King asks Heartless to explain what is happening, so she explains that it was she who cancelled the assault on them. Enraged, Mr. King demands an clarification and Heartless exhibits the truth, that she was in no way loyal to Mr. King either and that considering that King relied on Joker who used to be a Wizard that Mr. King was once surrounded by way of traitors due to the fact that the very beginning.


Mr. King attacks Heartless, but stopped by Mega Man.

Disgusted at the betrayal of his second in command, Mr. King attempts to assault her, however it is futile as Heartless has him swallowed in a Noise Wave and leaves him to die in the radiation. Back at WAZA when the association is arranging how to stop Meteor G, Mr. King uncovers himself to the gathering leaving a Noise Wave. Heartless is left confused at his survival since a human couldn't get by in a Noise Wave for long. He uncovers that he has turned into an EM being by utilizing Joker's program. With his "feelings hurt" at Heartless' betrayal, he tries to kill her by shooting beams from his platform however Mega Man blocks them in time. Mr. King says his set up isn't complete however that he can rule the planet in time, before outgoing.


Mr. King/Crimson Dragon's demise.

At the end of the game, Mr. King seems at the give up of the Meteor Server, and fuses with the core of Meteor G to emerge as the Crimson Dragon, declaring his intentions to wreck Earth if the planet should no longer be his very own property to rule over. As the Crimson Dragon he swallows Kelvin Stelar to enlarge his personal power. He then scoffs Mega Man that he cannot assault considering he is a "good kid" who may want to no longer harm his father. However Mega Man decides to take a stance on account that otherwise the whole lot the human beings shut to him have fought for would be in vain. Mega Man challenges the big entity and is efficiently capable to defeat inflicting Mr. King to be reputedly deleted, ending his vile machinations for good.


Mr. King has an appearance of a middle-aged gentleman, wearing a high-necked jacket with golden points, a white shirt inside and small ribbon at the neck giving him the appearance of a casino dealer. He also constantly seems wearing a pair of white gloves, possible for the use of playing cards. On the left side of his face, is a blue strip stretch from the air to the chin. His hair is combed back and apparently dyed.

He always travel on top of a hovering massive black-colored deck, with many yellow lines in it, and embedded with many technologies such as displaying air waves and controlling Meteor G from outer space.


Mr. King is cruel, ruthless, and tyrannical individual who will use both Wizards and humans (mainly children) alike without caring for them. This is revealed when the truth of King Foundation is told, that the adopted children were to be scapegoats for Mr. King's criminal activities, most of them never coming back, apart from Queen Tia and Jack. He can also be described as someone who hates to lose.

Mr. King feels that he is more superior than all of humanity, claiming that both humans and their technology were weak and that he would be the fittest to rule both. For such reasons he would use his powerful Noise machinery, act on his hatred towards the current society, and corrupt Wizards, traits that can effectively make Mr. King the replacement of Dr. Regal. Even more considering that he would use a cybernetic asteroid (in this case Meteor G) for his own purposes, pretty much like Dr. Regal did with Duo's Asteroid, as well as both LaserMan and Dread Joker (which are Dr. Regal and Mr. King's, Navi and Wizard respectively) have a strong resemblance to each other.





  • If the HumorWrd ability is equipped to Omega-Xis and the L button pressed, the player may get a call from Mr. King explaining the blue lines on his face. It is not in-depth and most of it is in whispers, but it has something to do with Heartless.
  • It is revealed in Star Force: Official Complete Works that, King's markings are actually a metal mask he is able to remove.
  • Mr. King is essentially Dr. Regal 2.0. They even have the same evil plans, centered almost identical types of the corruption (though Noise is more like Bug Frags than Dark Power), andboth fixated on an impending meteor.
  • He also has elements of other Mega Man main antagonists.
    • Mr. King's early concept art was inspired, and looked very similar to Dr. Wily, but they shifted his design from Wily-esque old man to a creepier gentleman-type character.
    • Mr. King's plan with Meteor G, also make him similar to Sigma, in Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X5, and both share almost identical facial makings.
    • His plans of using Meteor G as a satellite-mounted laser cannons, and when that failed, planning to crash it into Earth, and kill-off humanity, are nearly similar to Dr. Weil's plans with Ragnarok.
    • King's relationship with Jack and Queen Tia (who are Prometheus and Pandora), makes him homologus Master Albert. His plans to take over Meteor G, and when that doesn't exactly work, fusing with the Crismon Dragon, are very similar to Albert's plan to revive Model W as Ouroboros, and using it to become Mega Man W. They both even use Draconic forms.
    • He also similar to Lord Wily since they both are leader of a crime syndicate, adopted children, and fusing and possessing powerful beasts
  • His wealth, power, influence, and good publicity status gives him a few similar to Lex Luthor.


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