I think that kid of yours ought to be taught a lesson, Mrs. Walters.
~ Mr. Jenkins

Mr. Jenkins (real name: Henry Jenkins) is the main antagonist of one of the stories of the horror anthology film The Willies. He is a violent, human-eating monster. Disguised as a kind, friendly custodian at an elementary school. He mainly targets bullies and mean teachers as his prey.

He was portrayed by James Karen.

Mr. Jenkins worked at Greely Elementary School. While working there, he befriends a young boy named Danny. Danny is often picked on by three bullies that are in his class. When the bullies tie Danny up with a fire hose. Mr. Jenkins helps him and promises Danny that the bullies will "Get whats coming to them". 

When in class Danny needs to go to the bathroom during a test. His abrupt and cruel teacher, Ms. Titmarsh, lectures him but allows him to go. While in the bathroom, Danny encounters a terrifying creature. He also discovers, what appears to be Mr. Jenkins head. When he returns to class and tells Ms. Titmarsh, she doesn't believe him at all. She becomes enraged and goes to the bathroom with Danny, where the monster kills and eats her. Danny runs back to class. The three bullies then go to see the monster for themselves. Only to be butched by the monster themselves. The monster is then shown wearing Mr. Jenkin's uniform. And putting on the mask Danny mistaken for Mr. Jenkins head.

It is later revealed he became the custodian at a new school where he continues his murder spree, killing bullies.